Monday, September 3, 2012

Spectacular Lightning Strikes

Collection of hair-raising electrical storms

Most visually effective lightnings occur over city skylines, somehow. That must be due to the added element of danger; they might strike a building or wreak havoc on the city's energy grid.

Various skylines featured here belong to Toronto, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore; other backdrops to heavenly unrest include the Arizona desert, Bryce Canyon, Baltic Sea, Madeira island or a nameless field in Wilmington, North Carolina. In every case, the display of electrical storm lights is both humbling and exhilarating. 

(image courtesy: Ben Bishop)

(image courtesy: Bernd W. Schüttke)

(image courtesy: Sam Javanrouh)

(image courtesy: Roger Taylor)

(image courtesy: Dark Matter)

(image courtesy: Louis Vest)

(image courtesy: joepomata)

Kakadu National park, Australia

(image courtesy: Ty Siscoe)

Thunder lightning captured from Garajau (Madeira, Portugal)
Picture taken by Rob Dekker, courtesy: Madeira)


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