Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mammatus, Lenticular & Other Extreme Clouds


Mammatus Clouds, or "breast-clouds", are fascinating formations in the sky, made mostly from the cumulus cloud base. Although they are not a sign that a tornado is about to form, they often accompany tornado-producing storms, or even may be direct byproduct of tornado activity - an aftermath of severe thunderstorms. Thanks to the exclusive permission of Jorn Olsen, here are some weird mammatus shots:



Images source: Valuca

Stormy Skies Update:

More unreal cloud turmoil from the folks at "Extreme Instability":

Photo by Riccardo Mannella

(image credit: Patricia Radnor) 

(image credit: Jason Smith, Cloud Appreciation Society)

(image credit: Olivier Garde. Pierre Farissier. Franck Bompaire.)


Photo by Don Sanderson, Iowa USA

Photo by KSNTV

Hurricane Kirrill in Holland: speed of wind - 140 km/h

As a counterpoint to the celestial unrest, here is a beautiful picture of the tropical wave:

Photo by Andrew Castellano

Image sources: Extreme instability, Cloud Appreciation Society, Valuca


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