Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Stunning Timelapse Photographs

Canada based photographer Matt Molloy is the man responsible for these astounding images done by time-lapse method. He actually stacks hundreds of photos of same scene on top of each other, using the technique of overlapped multiple exposure. From starlight to sunsets, all varieties of lightning are being presented to us mortals to see that everything around and in us is in constant moving.




Dakuwaqa's Garden - Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga

When a girl is angry

A girl in a rage is dangerous and frightening creature. Do not make her angry or she will do this.

A Little Kindness Makes the World a Better Place (11 pics)


Dive Watch

Sunset from Saracakis Building, Athens

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Depression is Not so Funny

Not so Funny
Depression is a disease caused by a mental and emotional wreck. Depression is not just when we feel sad or moody, it can cause many physical problems. Fact is that this disease is more and more widespread all over the world. Here are some true facts about depression.

1.The main risk factors of depression include past abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), certain medications (drugs that treat high blood pressure), conflict with family members or friends, death or loss, chronic or major illness, and a family history of depression.
2.Even positive events such as graduating, getting married, a new job can lead to depression.
3.Nearly 30% of people with substance abuse problems also suffer from depression.
4.More than 20 million people in the United States suffer from depression in a given year.
5.Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression than men. Women may be at a higher risk for depression due in part to estrogen, which may alter the activity of neurotransmitters that contribute to depression.
Not so Funny
6.At some point in their lives, about one in four Americans will experience depression.
7.Once men hit midlife, they may face an increased risk of depression due to the decrease of testosterone.
8.Men typically experience depression differently from women and use different means to cope. For example, while women may feel hopeless, men may feel irritable. Women may crave a listening ear, while men may became socially withdrawn or become violent or abusive.
9.Researchers have recently found that those who suffer from depression are at risk for low bone mineral density. Depressed women are especially at risk for developing osteoporosis.

Thinks that we never Think

I would like to remind you about the things that concern all of us, but somehow we do not think about them. 
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1. Your stomach is smarter than you think
Your digestive tract has more neurons than many animals have in their brain! The number and significance suggests that the stomach we have a second brain.

2. You are covered with hair like a chimpanzee

On the human body hair has the same structure as that of most other primates. We are different from chimpanzees only thick and long hair, but not their number and location.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Maze Made Out Of 250,000 Books

Books are most precious thing we have. Books are here to teach and educate us. Unfortunately during the time, people choose kindle and electronic readers instead of printed books. The book maze named aMAZEme” by Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo is presented at the Royal Festival Hall in central London hopping to attract people to back on old values and start reading printed books once again. The book maze is created with awesome 250,000 books.
books maze 1 Maze Made Out Of 250,000 Books
books maze 2 Maze Made Out Of 250,000 Books
books maze 3 Maze Made Out Of 250,000 Books

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words……

1. Hope dies. 
2. Cat’s House.
3. Extreme

One of the best photos on the version of Red Bull Illume 2010.

White On White

This photo, award-winning, was one of many taken by British photographer Anna Henley River Forces in Manitoba, Canada. She flew to the remote region with the photographer and biologist Matthias Breyterom hoping to see the polar bears. Instead, they were met by a group of curious fox, and she spent 10 days photographing them.
white fox 1 White On White
white fox 2 White On White

Adorable Baby Lion With His Father

 Lion is the one of the most beautiful animals in the world. We all remember the famous Lion King, and we all love this story, because of the most amazing lion Simba. Today, we are presenting you some really amazind and adorable Lion photos, and lion cub photos. They are really majestic, and magnificent, and there is no one that thay can’t leave breathless. Do you want maybe to have one of this exotic pets?

Lion And Baby Lion 1 Adorable Baby Lion With His Father
Lion And Baby Lion 2 Adorable Baby Lion With His Father

Touching Portraits Of Older Animals

These animals are old and sad but they are beautiful! I love them. Just look how they are nice and good and i don’t know what to say more. You must love them! Just look all of this beautiful animals photos.
Touching Portraits Of Older Animals 960x600 1 Touching Portraits Of Older Animals
Touching Portraits Of Older Animals 960x600 2 Touching Portraits Of Older Animals

21 Amazing Places To See

These amazing places are one of a kind, and definitely should be visited in a life time. Our magnificent nature simply describes our amazing planet we live in. Each and every of these places carry something, some sensation that a human must feel, and live once is there. Take a look and enjoy in in a beauty of these amazing nature photos.
 Amazing Places To See 1 21 Amazing Places To See
Beautiful East Iceland
Amazing Places To See 2 21 Amazing Places To See
Hubei , China
Amazing Places To See 3 21 Amazing Places To See

Travel To Canada With Toy Train

Take a trip to Canada, a toy train, who photographed in various locations throughout the trip. The purpose of the project – to show the country from an unexpected point, to look at ordinary things in a new way.
 Travel To Canada With Toy Train 1 Travel To Canada With Toy Train
Travel To Canada With Toy Train 2 Travel To Canada With Toy Train
Travel To Canada With Toy Train 3 Travel To Canada With Toy Train

Monday, November 19, 2012

Surfing with dolphins

Morning surf at the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney today, the group was interrupted inquisitive dolphins. Apparently they decided to teach surfers to a master-class.

Art on the road signs

These images creates French artist and sculptor Cleto Abraham , who for several years sculpts stickers on street signs in the big cities of Europe. Stickers themselves are very easy to peel, so this “improvement” can not be considered corruption of public property.

Lost Cities

Petra, Jordan
A person standing in the doorway of the Monastery at Petra, Jordan.

A person standing in the doorway of the Monastery at Petra, Jordan, shows the enormity of the ancient building's entrance. Carved into the sandstone hill by the Nabataeans in the second century A.D., this towering structure, called El-Deir, may have been used as a church or monastery by later societies, but likely began as a temple.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu citadel.

Although the archaeological discovery of Machu Picchu came nearly a hundred years ago, historians are still unsure of the function of this ancient Inca citadel.

The Inca had no system of writing and left no written records, and archaeologists have been left to piece together bits of evidence as to why Machu Picchu was built, what purpose it served, and why it was so quickly vacated.

Palenque, Mexico
Palenque expanding into large, vibrant city-states.

The earliest Maya began to settle the dense rain forests of southwestern Mexico and Guatemala some 3,000 years ago. For nearly 1,400 years, settlements arose throughout the region, with some, like Tikal and Palenque (shown here), expanding into large, vibrant city-states.

Nature of the Wild West

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