Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thinks that we never Think

I would like to remind you about the things that concern all of us, but somehow we do not think about them. 
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1. Your stomach is smarter than you think
Your digestive tract has more neurons than many animals have in their brain! The number and significance suggests that the stomach we have a second brain.

2. You are covered with hair like a chimpanzee

On the human body hair has the same structure as that of most other primates. We are different from chimpanzees only thick and long hair, but not their number and location.

3. Your DNA is composed of viruses

One of the biggest surprises, presented to us disclosing the human genome, was the fact that our DNA is partially composed of viruses. Viruses can not reproduce on their own - so some of them found a clever way to "build" their DNA into the host cell in order to subsequently be copied.If the virus inserts its DNA into sperm or egg cells, resulting offspring may carry virus DNA in each of their cells. Throughout human evolution, it happened so often that it is now no less than 9% of our genome - the genes of viruses.

4. Your body is much younger than you

You are constantly changing. You breathe in, breathe, eat, get rid of the discharge, etc. The state of your body never repeats itself in the previous moment. And you constantly updated: every second of the cells dying and being replaced. The further you move away from the age of puberty, the less you are left with the cells that belong to you since childhood. This leads to frequent philosophical debate: can you call yourself is, if all of the cells that were with you at birth, has long been replaced with new ones?

5. You are partially blind

Unfortunately, the structure of the human eye has one fault: the blind spot. Each of your eyes is a place devoid of the ability to perceive light, big enough to cause problems for people who have lost an eye. With full set of eyes to the blind spots go unnoticed.

6. You can think of except

Do you have an intuitive understanding of the object is not more than 4. Not necessarily be able to take it to mean "two" or "three" of the object you see before you. Even representatives of the tribal feasts, in the language which, as we know, has no concept of the account number is also intuitively understand. 7. Your body is the band the same way as the hair in, for example, cats, you have the skin is very crisp lines and spots, but you can not see them. They are called Lines Blashko. It is believed that their presence is associated with the migration of skin cells in the embryo, they are templates, which can be seen as developing skin. The lines do not match the pattern of muscle and lymphatic system, their shape is genetic. For a disease in which the lines are visible Blashko include varieties nevus, stripping and himerizim.

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