Monday, November 26, 2012

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words……

1. Hope dies. 
2. Cat’s House.
3. Extreme

One of the best photos on the version of Red Bull Illume 2010.
4. Ordinary Miracle. 

Little boy is going to ask Santa for his father returns from Iraq. He does not know that his wish will come true right now …

5. “Thank you” to veterans. 
6. Feats are priceless.
7. A faithful friend.
8. Russian forest. 

 This picture consists 365 photographs that were made by each day from the same place.
9. The passage of time.
10. Neighbors. 
11. On the roof.
12. Funk.
13. Jesus saves. 
14. Give me five. 

15. Japan . 
16. Love for enemies. 
17. The struggle for supremacy. 
18. The sergeant, his wife and their unborn child.
19. Mum. 

20. Sperm whale. 

21. The future artist. 
 12. Farewell. 
23. When zeal is frightening.

Photos of children’s choir from North Korea. Diligence and discipline – it is certainly good, But this case is little scary for the children.
24. Grandma’s care. Ears were freezing. 

25. Ku-ku. 
26. In 2012.
27. Who are you? 

28. Panda on the way to the zoo in Edinburgh. 

29. Filming the Titanic. 
30. We like it. 
31. Their is no age for Love… 
The celebration of March 8 in Belgrade.
32. Smoking – Harm. 

33. My friend. 

”My 3-year-old son Charlie, – said by the author of the photo Blake Zickefoose, Kid love his friend caterpillar.
34. Forests of giant sequoias.
 35. Dog as a best friend.
 36. Decline of life.

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