Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free Online Video Converters

Projects that include video content may need to handle video files and convert it to different formats. Video editing tools are expensive to fill the needs for both sides. However, free video converting sites can handle this task easily and with simple few steps. The free online video converting sites allows you to convert video files to different extensions that is commonly recognized by video sharing sites such as FLV, MOV and AVI…etc. Also, some of these sites allows you to convert uploaded video content or video content from You Tube and download it to your pc after downloading it. Furthermore, you can integrate your video content with video sharing sites such as You Tube or even download video content from these sites easily as FLV Flash video format. Therefore, I find it useful to share this exclusive list of the free online video converting sites and sites that provide integrating your video content with different video sharing sites and social networks.


vd 0000 Layer 13
With couple of clicks, FLVto free site provides you a simple way to convert video from URL or from your pc to  other video formats.

Online Video Converter

vd 0001 Layer 12
Online Video Converter does not just provide video conversion to your files, but also integrate your video content with different devices such as iPhone and iPod. Also, it gives you wide varietyf file extensions such as FLV, MPEG and MOV…etc.

Media Convert

vd 0002 Layer 11
Going beyond just converting your video file, Media Convert converts video files with giving you advanced setting to set different video options such as the quality, duration, dimensions and others.


vd 0003 Layer 10
With Vixy, you can provide the URL of your video of the You Tube video and convert it with one click to different formats and download it.

Media Converter

vd 0004 Layer 9
Media Converter helps you to convert video content from your PC or URL to different formats.

You Convert It

vd 0005 Layer 8


vd 0006 Layer 7


vd 0007 Layer 6
Zamzar provides you extra feature after converting video content, it lets you manage video files as well.

Demo Templates

vd 0008 Layer 5


vd 0009 Layer 4 
Cellsea converts your video files free and easy and integrate it with video sharing sites such as You Tube and Metacafe.

Video Converter

vd 0010 Layer 3


vd 0011 Layer 2 
Tubeminator provides high intgeration with video sharing sites such as Vimeo and you converted video file from your PC or directly from URL.

All 2 Convert

vd 0012 Layer 1


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