Monday, June 4, 2012

The naked, bloody girl with the Greek flag

A truly shocking and riveting photograph makes the last hour tour of Facebook.
The image is created by user named "Dimitris DaAthens" which was originally staged in the blog, writing the following:
"MAINADES ..... In ancient Greek mythology, Maenads were the nymphs, comrades and followers of Dionysus, the name translates literally as" furious. "The word Main (singular) appears in Homer as a synonym of the word" mania . "Indeed, the main feature of the Maenads were ecstatic frenzy which often inspired from Dionysus and through a combination of dance and drunkenness, were losing self-control, shouting and behaving uncontrollably, and hyperactive beyond a reasonable violently.
In modern Greece, the Maenads there and continue to react ... "
The photograph depicts a naked girl holding a bloody flag of the Greek in a short time has garnered dozens of likes and notices. The message also is "We have a dream. We're still alive. All we want is peace, but ... we must fight."

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