Saturday, June 2, 2012

Greek people pay their taxes to the last penny

Non Greek people, should understand this about Greece's economy: The country's debt is not due to Greeks not paing taxes. The vast majority of Greeks pay their taxes to the last penny. If we didn't, our transactions would get blocked. And/or we would be in jail.

Our debt derives from:

-the (very few, but very) "big fish" that always manage to get away with everything by bribing, or exploiting the "holes" in the system.

-corrupted politicians, that have been lying to us for years, while stealing and misusing our and Europe's money.

-politicians spending trilions on expensive (and sometimes faulty) weapons, while getting something "for their trouble". Only recently, a previous Minister of Defence has been arrested for "redirecting" milions of euros to his pockets. 

And that is just the tip of the iceburg.

So don't believe the propaganda that points the finger to the Greek people. For the last three years, we barely manage to get by. People suicide because they can't pay the completely unfair new taxes. Our income (if any) has been cut to the half, while taxes have been doubled and tripled.And you know what? We, the people of Greece, don't have your (Europe's) money. We never did.

The "divide and conquer" policy of our "leaders" must be uncovered, or tomorow it will be your country's turn.This lie must come to an end.

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