Saturday, June 9, 2012

Splashed of liquids become flowers

It’s truly shocking when you find out the secret behind Jack Long’s sculptural looking Vessels and Blooms series. What at first looks like some form of blown glass or fluid 3D computer modeling, reveals itself as carefully planned and perfectly captured splashes of colored liquid! You read that right. These images capture a single splash event, captured as a single exposure!

Long’s high-speed photography captures a floral world which is bright and psychedelic, like something you’d see popping from the screen in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland or the jungles in Avatar. He creates colored pots, green leaves and blooming flowers with stems intact… all from exceedingly well timed drops of liquid and an equally timely snap of the camera shutter. How impressive would this be on video?! We need some slow motion film of this process to realize the deft skill required to create it.
Long has been working with high-speed photography and splashes for quite some time now, but it was only last autumn that he created his first liquid vase. Wanting to advance his “fluid suspension/high speed photography” to the next level, he began working on creating floral forms and leaves through the winter and managed to pull it all together and form a full flower arrangement this past spring.

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