Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dancing dolphins

Photographer Greg Haglin from Santa Barbara, Calif., has made these wonderful pictures of dolphins during his numerous trips to the coast of South Africa.

Greg Haglin pictures of dolphins along the coast between the cities of Port Elizabeth and the Wilderness. (Photo by Greg Huglin)
A group of dolphins happily splash around in the waves at speeds of up to 9 m / sec. (Photo by Greg Huglin)

Haglin said that it was both interesting and awkward to be in the presence of these powerful animals. “Dolphins are really skilled swimmers – he says. – Their length is three meters. Putting your hand on the dolphin, you will feel only the force. It’s amazing how powerful they are. ” (Photo by Greg Huglin)
Sometimes Haglin uses a tripod to take pictures from the ground. “The dolphins catch a wave when it breaks,” – says the photographer. (Photo by Greg Huglin)
During trips to the coast of South Africa’s Greg Haglin photographs from different vantage points: from a helicopter, a motor boat and by land. All photos were taken with cameras, not digital cameras. (Photo by Greg Huglin)
Haglin made his photo from a motor boat. Here are five dolphins, just heading to the crest of a wave. (Photo by Greg Huglin)
Haglin spent his entire career, photographing and filming great white sharks, dolphins and other marine creatures, as well as extreme sports. His trip to South Africa was the culmination of his career. “From dawn to a Cossack, I was here, or photographing sharks, dolphins or chasing.” (Photo by Greg Huglin)
Dolphin frolics in the waves. (Photo by Greg Huglin)
This photo Haglin made from a helicopter at about 300-360 m above the water. The water color changed plankton bloom. (Photo by Greg Huglin)
To communicate dolphins emit whistles and squeaks, as well as skillfully use body language. To send away, they usually beat their tails on the water and begin to jump into the air. (Photo by Greg Huglin)
Haglin knew that dolphins often jump into the air for some reason, but having tracked them for hours, he also came to believe that they can jump just for the sake of fun. “I can not think what they’re doing it just because they really like it.»(Photo by Greg Huglin)

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