Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 Cheapest Countries to Travel

When you are a student, you have urge to travel and see everything. The best thing about being a student is your free time, you have more than enough time to go and visit interesting countries, meet new cultures but there is a lack in all that free time. As it is said time is money, since you have so much free time it means you have no money, or just few bucks. It comes to one thing when you have money, you have no time, because you are working, and when you have free time you have no money. Well, this may be a major bummer. I will present you here some of the cheapest destinations. These are the places which will stun you, and what is more important it will not cost big bucks. All you have to do is to figure it up when you are leaving and pack your backpack.


This is probably the cheapest country to backpack to. Getting to India is very easy, the ticket is easy to book, and India is just amazing. Food, accommodation and travel is the cheapest. Backpacker’s hostels are located in all the major cities. If you decide to backpack in India, than you must say good bye to luxuries like hot water pressure and air conditioning. But what you are to experience there is just incredible.


There is no reason to present to you this country specially. When you get in Brazil, as you know you will get to Rio De Janeiro. This is one great city to visit, but this should not be your only destination, because you can travel through the country a little bit. The transportation is cheap, the only thing you should worry is not to get hustled while exchanging the money. What will take your breath away is surely the jungle of Amazon, be sure to see it.


One thing which will surprise you here is how people are friendly and willing to help you. This is the case with all the Buddhist countries. people are just amazing. The Buddha statues and Galle Face Green Promenade in Colombo are awesome. You will feel as though you have traveled to another time and place when you come to Sri Lanka.


There is nothing not to love about Bali, specially if you like surfing, Bali will be the perfect destination for you. Bali is just a must for every backpacker. For college students, it is easy to get around and meet other college students Visit museums and galleries and take in a Balinese dance with an authentic dinner..


Every backpacker somehow ends up in Bangkok. It is Thailand’s capital. That is a place for people who like to party. You will find party here from dusk till dawn, and during the whole day. From Bangkok is easy to get to any of Thailand’s islands. There you will find tropical jungles, long stretches of beaches, caves,waterfalls, and locals are why tourists love to come to this place. Smiling people are wherever you go. Must visit is a Full Moon Party on the island Koh Phangan.


Croatia will give you the illusion that you are somewhere expensive. You will get a dose of glamor but for less money. Accommodation is really easy to find, and if you want to save some extra money you should go off the season.


If you like sand, you will find lots of it here plus camels. Morocco is a holistic paradise where you check your home comforts at the door and welcome getting back to the basics. You will save some money while backpacking. There is no electricity and running water everywhere, but you’ll be good in hotels and hostels. Most of them have it. This will be a true adventure, for those who love this kind of things.


Greece is one of the oldest countries, and tourism is nothing new for them. I can say that it is one touristic heaven. Summer is the best time to come here when the weather is perfect and every shop is open for tourist season. You can visit ancient ruins from thousands of years ago or head to the beach on one of the amazing islands. Whatever you choose you will be having a fabulous time exploring Greece. Plus you get to it all for very cheap as a college backpacker.


This is one really cheap destination, but not all the country is safe to visit. This country is known for the nasty leadership and a brutal civil war. Uganda is coming back on the world tourist map. With one thing you should know before you decide to visit this country:
Travel alert: Lonely Planet refers would-be travelers to Uganda to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice on the country:
There is very little social tolerance of homosexuality, which is illegal. There have been moves, initiated by a Ugandan MP, to introduce reactionary legislation that would further criminalize homosexuality and introduce the death penalty for some activity… you should be aware that homosexuality is generally seen as taboo and exists on the margins of society.”
Travel to areas of northeastern Uganda is not recommended – seek specific advice if you are seeking to travel to Kidepo Valley National Park.


I believe this is the cheapest country in Europe. If you are a beer lover, than you will be surprised to find it here cheaper than water. The capital in Kiev and you will be surprised, since I know what you are thinking, since you don’t know anything about this country you are thinking about communists and espionage. I will tell you, there is nothing like that going on over here. Must come and see, you will be surprised.

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