Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Exorcist hotline

The Roman Catholic Church has doubled the number of exorcists in Milan and set up a hotline to cope with what it says is growing demand for devil-busting priests in Italy’s largest diocese.

The hotline, which is open for a few hours in the afternoon from Monday to Friday, refers callers to priests in their area.Mons Mascheroni cited the case of a priest in the past who would see some 120 people a day, sometimes just to impart a blessing. He said each priest should hold no more than four meetings a day.Exorcism is the act of driving the devil out of a person’s body.The rite for driving the devil out includes making the sign of the cross, sprinkling holy water and ordering the demon to leave.Many of the people who seek an exorcism are simply vulnerable or very distressed, often have fallen victims to charlatans, and probably need a psychiatrist, not a priest.

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