Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Striking Portraits of Humans Around the World

African little girl  photo source

Man curling his moustache, India  photo source
Alaskan fisherman, Dillingham, Alaska  photo source
 Mucawana tribe baby - Angola  photo source
Tuareg woman, Libya   photo source
Salomon, boy working at the mill full of flour, Bati Market, Danakil, Ethiopia  photo source
Karrayyu man with traditional haircut, Ethiopia  photo source
Old man with a hat, Beijing, China  photo source
Women with a giant hat in Yemen  photo source
Little boy - Buka island - Papua New Guinea  photo source
Old shepherd - Pakistan  photo source
Cute girl with bunches, Japan  photo source
Veiled lady in Salalah, Oman  photo source
Red beard man - Saudi Arabia  photo source
Boy in Nizwa, Oman  photo source
Chinese baby with his father, Beijing, China  photo source
Kids at a wedding in Kigali, Rwanda  photo source
 Jewish man  photo source
Veiled young girl smiling - Yemen  photo source

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