Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Antonaros by tranchis
Antonaros, a photo by tranchis on Flickr.

The owner of a hostel (Gitonia tis Irinis) at the island of Pano Koufonisi. He didn't have rooms for us but he invited us to some cold water and a chat. Somehow excentric, but we thanked his hospitality.

According to his own leaflet, "Antonis Em. Mavros (Antonaros) is an exceptional self-educated artist who was born and still lives in Pano Koufonissi of Cyclades islands. He is mainly occupied with architecture, decoration and constructions. Being deeply influenced by the uniqueness and the beauty of his motherland, he created a sall marvelous tourist resort called 'Gitonia tis Irinis' (Irini's Neighbourhood), based on the tradition of Cyclades".

I don't know if he is such a great artist as he claims himself, but nevertheless, the house was wonderfully decorated indeed.

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